Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis

Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis

Measurments up to 30GHz at Affordable Prices                      

Continuous Spectrum Monitoring

Today’s wireless landscape is constantly evolving and changing. Monitoring Program Managers and other spectrum monitoring users need equipment that has the flexibility, functionality, and coverage to detect and locate RF interference, monitor the latest wireless signal standards, and keep up with the exponential growth in wireless communications technologies.

Patented software-defined spectrum analysis platforms from ThinkRF are designed and built for advanced spectrum monitoring applications. With our application ecosystem and proven integrations with leading software partners, we can help you build complete spectrum monitoring solutions for a wide variety of applications.




           Spectrum Monitoring for Utilities Infrastructure        




High Performance Spectrum Monitoring Solutions from ThinkRF


Capture more signals and control the spectrum with advanced Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF.

Get more complete monitoring capabilities with Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis capabilities from ThinkRF.

  • Overcome the complexity of monitoring, detecting and analyzing complex and wideband signals with the best price-performance ratio available on the market
  • Monitor in more locations with networking capabilities purpose built for remote and in-place monitoring across a wide geographic area
  • Never again miss a signal due to slow sweep rates – the ThinkRF platforms feature a sweep rate of 28 GHz/s and advanced triggering capabilities to track faint and short duration signals across the time or frequency domains
  • Leverage the decreasing costs of computing and processing by connecting directly to any PC for digital signal processing, signal analysis, and other capabilities without the need for built in hardware


Remotely deployable

Deploy in more locations with networking capabilities purpose built for spectrum monitoring applications


Powerful spectrum analysis

Detect wideband, short duration, and hopping signals with rapid sweep rates and advanced triggering capabilities


Greater coverage

Keep up with new innovations and standards, such as 5G wireless, without replacing hardware components

Monitoring Applications


ThinkRF integrates with leading applications to provide users with a complete solution. Learn more about our Spectrum Monitoring solutions.


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