DEWETRON is your reliable partner for data acquisition challenges in the automotive industry. Our equipment certainly ensures the highest precision and the most comprehensive measurement data. Therefore, DEWETRON provides you the necessary information for objective decision making. We support the entire automotive sector. Consequently, no matter if you are concerned with e-mobility, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle dynamics or durability tests, we will provide you the right automotive testing solutions. In addition to that, we are proud to announce that all DEWETRON systems comply with the standards of EURO NCAP and NHTSA for assessment programs.

1. ADAS Testing

One hardware for different ADAS tests

Every modern vehicle is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). One of the challenges of ADAS testing is to precisely measure relative position and velocity from car to car when testing longitudinal control systems and to track the car in the testing of lateral control systems.

  • Perfect synchronization of all signal sources from two or more cars or moving objects
  • All ADAS tests can be done with the same hardware
  • With the new plug’n’play TRION™ modules, the hardware can be re-configured for different tests within one minute.

Adaptive cruise control

One of the challenges when testing the longitudinal control system, ACC is measuring precisely the relative position and velocity between two or more vehicles (sheer in/out manoeuvres). But the most important feature for gaining high-quality measurement data is perfect synchronization of all signal sources.

Autonomous emergency brake

AEB tests according to Euro NCAP standards require relative measurements to a virtual vehicle target
(balloon car) that does only carry an IMU for determining the absolute position. Normally,
the position data is transmitted over Wi-Fi.

In addition, driving robotics is needed to control the longitudinal and lateral movement of the vehicles during the test to ensure the repeatability of the test. DEWETRON’s mixed signal approach to acquire synchronized input signals from all sources is essential for the accuracy and the comparability of the data.

Forwarding collision warning

The main goal of FCW tests is to measure when the driver is warned of an imminent crash, as the warning might be available on the CAN bus much earlier than the acoustic/haptic warning.

Before being approved for the US market, vehicle manufacturers who offer FCW have to test their system to comply with the FCW confirmation test defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The DEWETRON systems for FCW tests are fully compliant to the NHTSA requirements and specifications.

Lane support

For tests of lateral control systems such as lane departure warning or lane keeping assistant (LDW/LKA), the measurement system needs to calculate the relative position, angle and velocity between the vehicle and stationary objects, such as lines, curbs or traffic signs. Moreover, the acquisition of synchronized video data is important for such tests.

2. Vehicle Dynamics testing

Many maneuvers have been standardized to assess the ride and handling capabilities of a vehicle. DEWETRON systems are well established in vehicle dynamics measurements because of their ease of use, their flexibility and their compatibility with virtually every sensor available.

Visualization of vehicle dynamics testing maneuver

The visualization of the vehicles movement during the test maneuver, with all its lines and cones, combined with graphs and video, provides comprehensive data results.

3. Simultaneous Durability testing with high channel count

DEWETRON measurement systems with a high channel count are perfect for durability measurements during real test drives or on testbeds – for a whole vehicle or specific components.

DEWETRON systems offer a rugged and portable design for in-vehicle use and fulfill the requirement for high channel counts.

Durability or road load data tests are typically high-channel count measurements that require scalable hardware in combination with powerful software features to process the configuration, monitoring, and acquisition of hundreds of channels simultaneously.

As the data acquired during real test drives is often replayed on test-beds to simulate material fatigue during the vehicle life-cycle, the analog output of the conditioned sensor signals is essential.

  • Tight integration of IMUs for precise measurement of GPS position, accelerations and angles
  • Interface to Kistler® wheel force transducers (RoaDyn®)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or CAN-FD
  • Connectivity to test rig with the output of conditioned sensor signals
  • TEDS support and sensor data base
  • Offline setup
  • Online plausibility monitoring (overload indicators, simultaneous sensor balancing, amplifier-zero, and shunt calibration check)
  • Tight integration of IMUs for precise measurement of GPS position, accelerations and angles
  • Interface to Kistler® wheel force transducers (RoaDyn®)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or CAN-FD
  • Visualization of vehicle movement and cone placement

4. E-Mobility Testing and Analyzing

Battery powered vehicles are becoming more and more common on our roads and in our lives. DEWETRON is your competent partner to analyze, test and verify e-bikes, e-scooters and other electric vehicles during real drive tests.

Combination of combustion analyzer & power analyzer

With the combustion analyzer – a powerful tool for the analysis of combustion engines – and the DEWETRON power software – used for the analysis of electrical power grids – DEWETRON provides the ideal solution for both fields.

While both modules can be run independently to perform measurements on either combustion engines or pure electrical engines, they can also be parallelized to become the perfect tool for testing hybrid vehicles and sheer electric vehicles.

  • Analysis of both, electrical and combustion engines at the same time
  • Isolated wide range voltage and current modules (300 mV…1 kV)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or FlexRay
  • Online power and efficiency calculation
  • High bandwidth up to 2 MHz
  • Acquisition rate up to 10 MS/s/ch synchronous

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