Wireless Sensors Technology

Wireless Sensors Technology

Wireless Sensors Technology




Most Cost Effective Wireless Sensor and Cloud Monitoring System

RF and Bluetooth vibration sensor technology, wireless temperature and humidity sensors, and more to meet your facility monitoring needs.

  • Over 40 different sensor models
  • Extra-long battery life, installs in minutes
  • Cloud-based monitoring & notification platform
  • Custom sensor design for industrial automation

Console Account Monitoring and Notifications

Bluetooth Vibration Sensors, Wireless Sensors, and More

Swift Sensors wide range of wireless sensors and bluetooth vibration sensors allow you to monitor assets to improve efficiencies and drive operational performance to enable innovation with actionable sensor data (i.e. measure vibration).

Build Options

bluetooth-icon-31x31 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) rf-icon-31x31 RF Communication

BLE sensors are best suited for low EM noise environments where physical automation (e.g. robotics) is minimal. RF sensors are best suited for high EM noise environments with 2.4GHz saturation (e.g. restaurants with high consumer WiFi usage)