MonoDAQ Sensors

MonoDAQ  Sensors

MonoDAQ-SNS-ACC-1-10k-F is a vibration and temperature measurement probe. Packaged in a small aluminium housing it consists of three sensors: a) single axis accelerometer with 0-10 kHz bandwidth and analog voltage output, b) temperature sensors with I2C interface and c) low-speed triaxial accelerometer with I2C interface. The probe is rated with IP67 ingress protection and -20 to 85 degC temperature range.
Key features:
• 0-10 kHz bandwidth, 50 g range, 25 μg√Hz noise density
• Embedded temperature sensor
• Fits to MonoDAQ-E-ASI-2-T EtherCAT interface

Typical applications:
• Production robot condition monitoring
• Machine condition monitoring
• Bearing fault detection