[NEX]DAQ The flexible "everyday DAQ tool" for troubleshooters

  • Waterproof
  • Fanless
  • -120C to +70 Deg.C operating temperature

Analog input signals

Every common sensor is supported. Acquisition of voltages up to ±100 V, full and half bridge, digital IO, counter, encoder and CAN-FD are natively supported. Furthermore, additional signals such as voltages up to ±1000 V, quarter bridge, LVDT, current, vibration, IEPE, charge, thermocouple, potentiometer and RTD are possible through our small MSI sensor adapters.

Higher channel count – expand your analog inputs

Because of its small size and weight, the NEX[DAQ] is the ideal travel companion for engineers who need to make a quick plane ride to the job site. It fits easily into any pocket and can be taken along with your laptop. This makes it ideal for troubleshooting, maintenance, or commissioning of equipment, such as machines or test benches and much more.

The NEX[DAQ] data acquisition system is distributable. If 8 channels are not enough, multiple NEX[DAQ] units can be daisy-chained to a multi-channel system at any time. A single cable is sufficient for data transfer and synchronization via Ethernet PTP/IEEE1588.

Your DAQ system for everyday needs

The NEX[DAQ] does not only fit easily in one hand but also in every case. That makes it your ideal travel buddy. It is the must-have for every test and measurement engineer who doesn’t want to make any compromises.

The NEX[DAQ] is the perfect fit for your everyday measurement needs:
mobile and autonomy testing in the vehicle, integrated in real-time on the test bench, Portable in service applications or permanently installed in monitoring applications, …

Worry-free power supply

The NEX[DAQ] offers multiple power options for easy use in any situation:

  • Via USB-C PD connector:
    • For any simple power adapter with a USB-C connector
    • For the use of a standard smartphone power bank
  • Via Lemo socket for wide range DC input, enables to connect to vehicles board grid (12 V, 24 V)
  • Via Power over Ethernet using PoE injector or PoE switch

CAN-FD interface for in-vehicle measurements

With 2 high-speed CAN bus interfaces, the NEX[DAQ] is also predestined for in-vehicle measurements. Both interfaces offer CAN-FD and CAN 2.0B output.

CAN-FD offers a higher transmission rate and more user data per message than CAN, so you measure more reliably and faster.

Additionally, you can connect two CPAD/XR-modules for low-speed channel expansions e.g. for many temperature channels or RTD inputs

Easy and quick setup with OXYGEN

Just plug & play to start the gapless data recording. Our measurement software OXYGEN ensures an easy and quick setup of your NEX[DAQ]. Customize the software according to your measurement tasks by defining different screens and views.

OXYGEN offers many standard features such as

  • Analysis (FFT), visualization & post-processing
  • Triggers & events
  • Math & calculation
  • Reports (e.g. as PDF) & exports
  • Advanced features such as order or power analysis, efficiency maps, swept sine analysis etc.

One NEX[DAQ] for different measurement tasks