TRION Acquisition and Amplifier Modules

Multi channel TRION™ modules with A/D converter

Multi channel TRION™  signal conditioning modules provide analog-digital conversion on each channel and are user exhangeable.

Use TRION™ modules with each measurement system of the DEWE2 series.

Key facts

  • Simultaneous sampling for all analog input modules
  • Separate ADC on each channel
  • 24 bit resolution, with anti-aliasing filters
  • Synchronous counter/encoder inputs and digital I/O lines
  • CAN, counter, digital I/O and timing modules

Signal conditioning with simultaneous sampling

Simultaneous sampling TRION™ signal conditioner modules are the heart and soul of the DEWE2 series of data acquisition systems. TRION™ modules combine the power of simultaneous sampling and 24 bit ADC technology with advanced DEWETRON signal conditioning – plug one convenient module right into your DEWE2 platform.

Record in perfect synchronization

TRION™ modules provide the TIMING BACKBONE for recording many disparate data sources in perfect sync with each other. TRION™ modules are available for a wide variety of analog inputs, as well as digital I/O lines, synchronous counter/encoders, and timing and SYNC interfaces. Additionally, TRION™ modules are available for CAN-bus interfacing.

Plug’n’play TRION™ modules

Choose your TRION™ module(s), plug them into your DEWE2 instrument, turn the system on and get to work! TRION™ cards are automatically identified and configured within the software as soon as it is launched.