The new vibration and temperature measurement device consisting of a small, integrated, low-weight sensor module and a data acquisition module. The sensor box includes a 0-10 kHz bandwidth low-noise 1-axis vibration sensor,  a temperature sensor and a 3-axial low speed MEMS accelerometer for orientation identification. The data acquisition node includes the A/D conversion, analog and digital filtering and EtherCAT slave interface.
Key features:
- 0-10 kHz bandwidth, 50 g range, 25 μg√Hz noise density
- temperature sensor (-40 to 125 °C measurement range)
- additional low-speed triaxial DC response MEMS accelerometer (2 g range, 1 S/s sampling speed)
- EtherCAT bus, daisy-chaining with single cable up to 50 m device-device
- DEWESoft X3 software support
Typical applications:
- Vibration and temperature monitoring
- Machine condition monitoring
- Bearing fault detection
Principle of operation
MonoDAQ-E-gMeter-10k consists of a small, low-weight sensor module that is dislocated from the DAQ module by a <1 m cable to decrease the neccessary mounting space. The sensor module includes three sensors: a single axis low-noise, high-bandwidth accelerometer (0-10 kHz bandwidth, 25 μg√Hz noise density, 50 g range), a temperature sensor (-40 to 125 °C measurement range) and an additional low-speed triaxial DC response MEMS accelerometer (2 g range, 1 S/s sampling speed).

The data acquisition module includes hardware filtering of the high-bandwidth accelerometer, A/D conversion and digital filtering. Analog signal from the high-speed accelerometer is therefore only carried through a short cable between the sensor module and the DAQ module, decreasing the risk of noise pick-up. Temperature sensor and 3-axial accelerometer transmit data from the sensor module to the DAQ module over the I2C protocol.

Microprocessor inside the DAQ module transmits the data samples over EtherCAT protocol into DEWESoft software running on a Windows PC, or alternatively to any controller running EtherCAT master on any platform. Scaling is automatic in DEWESoft software, therefore the data in engineering units (g or m/s2, °C) is readily available to the user. Temperature and 3-axial accelerometer data are available as a channels in DEWESoft software under System monitor channels.


MonoDAQ-E-gMeter-10k is fully integrated into DEWESoft X3 data acquisition and analysis software for Windows. Each device includes the DEWESoft LT-license. No special configuration is neccessary to start acquiring the data as the device is automatically recognized. The software package consists of numerous prebuilt functions that require no programming by the user:

- Time / XY recorder
- FFT recorder
- Scope recorder
- Triggered storing
- Video acquisition
- Statistics (RMS, peak-peak, STDV etc.)
- IIR-, FIR-filters
- Integration, derivation
- Array, vector analysis
- Export to Excel, Matlab, Flexpro, csv, etc.

Subject to additional licenses there are advanced analysis modules available like envelope detection for bearing fault analysis. The module performs envelope detection on the acceleration signal, shows the FFT of the envelope and compares the peaks to the bearing database. The bearing database is included or it can be upgraded with new data by the user.

Bearing fault analysis in DEWESoft X3 using Envelope Detection module (not included in LT-license)

DEWESoft can act as a gateway to higher level factory protocols such as OPC UA (subject to additional licence). MonoDAQ-E series devices can also be directly connected to any controller with standard EtherCAT master functionality.