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Museum Facility Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor and Protect your Collections AND your Facility.
Efficiently maintaining and ensuring the preservation of exhibits continues to be at the forefront of museum facility management. Enter Swift Sensors low-cost wireless monitoring. Swift Sensors is a system of small wireless sensors that proactively monitors important environmental conditions in your exhibits and facility.
  1. Sensors.  Small battery-powered wireless devices, starting at under $100,  that easily attach to your equipment to measure temperature, humidity, door access, vibration, water presence, and more.
  2. Thresholds. Thresholds are specific ranges you set for particular measurements you want to monitor. For example, if an exhibit is sensitive to heat, setting a threshold will ensure the item is preserved.
  3. Notifications. Notifications are sent when thresholds are met or if something needs attention. Notifications provide a 24/7 layer of security and confidence.