27 Apr

There are many data acquisition systems with up to 144 analog input channels. However, there are some applications for which this number of input channels is simply not enough! For instance, one could mention durability tests, wind tunnel tests or vibration tests. Particular applications like these need channel counts between 200 and 1000! Therefore, a channel count expansion is required.

Channel Count Expansion with OXYGEN-NET

Are you facing similar challenges? Then we have good news for you! DEWETRON’s data acquisition and analysis software OXYGEN is capable to process hundreds of channels like digital, analog, CAN, counter and intertial data to only list a few. In addition to that, our OXYGEN-NET extension allows you to connect several DEWETRON instruments into a single system. Hence, it enables you to synchronize measurements from multiple measurement devices, even if they are physically apart from each other. As a result, you decide the extent of your channel count expansion yourself.

More Information about Channel Count Expansion with OXYGEN-NET needed?

One of our colleagues prepared a whitepaper about expanding the channel count with the help of OXYGEN-NET. In the whitepaper, you will learn more about the many benefits this solution provides. For instance, you will find out how to create a system with almost unlimited channels. In addition to that, our colleague explains the set up with PAC-technology, discusses various options for synchronization and much more. Here is the link to download the whitepaper:  

Download the Whitepaper about Channel Count Expansion