30 Sep


The latest version of our measurement software is out now: OXYGEN 5.0 comes along with several new features and improvements. Consequently, our data acquisition software gets even more intuitive. In other words, you will more than ever enjoy navigating through your data via multi touch display or computer mouse.

The latest software update provides many new features and improvements:

  • The feature of Rosette Calculation has been updated. This means, it is now also available for offline usage. In addition to that, it provides selectable output channels. Moreover, the output unit can be switched between µm/m and microstrain.
  • The TRIONet connection establishment can now be initiated by hosts. Due to that, TRIONet SDK users do not have to deal with firewall issues of TRIONet SDK anymore.
  • Our measurement software now sorts TRIONets by name. This helps preventing problems with randomly claimed TRIONet nodes.

New features:

Order Analysis

The new feature within our measurement software provides order analysis of noise and vibration of rotating machines by calculating and visualizing frequency and order spectra vs. speed. Measurements of rotating speed 60 to 100.000 rpm and up to 1000 speed steps are possible. Gapless analysis, simultaneous in order and frequency as well as a simple configuration turn OXYGEN into a full-order analysis instrument.

Mechanical Power Efficiency

This is our additional feature in the power group to calculate mechanical power and efficiency.

CAN J1939 Support

CAN J1939 is a protocol overlay of CAN-Bus which finds use in heavy duty vehicles. The latest version of OXYGEN CAN provides decoding of J1939 CAN frames. No special settings necessary.

Plugin Interface

The new plugin interface allows clients to customize OXYGEN. In other words, you can adjust your measurement software to any challenge. Find the SDK package with API descritpion and example sources on GitHub.

Reading data from and writing to numeric channels, creation of channels, raising exceptions for error notifications and the option to log into OXYGEN logfiles are only some tasks that are possible with the new plugin interface of OXYGEN 5.0.

Ethernet Sender Plugin

This is the first plugin for the brand-new plugin interface of our data acquisition software. It automatically creates XML for client OXYGEN ethernet receiver configuration. The Ethernet sender allows to send measurement data via UDP cyclically to another OXYGEN or to a 3rd party app. The plugin sends actual data in an interval of 1-100 Hz. Furthermore it provides synchronized transmission with timestamps.

TRIONet Remote Update

Starting from now, users can update TRIONets from the host PC via file-upload through the web browser. Since it is not necessary to remove parts from the TRIONET anymore, you save lots of time. Updates via USB-stick will keep working.

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