ENA-SCADA Software

ENA-SCADA Software

ENA-SCADA – Server for PQ Analyzers

ENA-SCADA is distributed system for Power Quality analyzers (PQ). Software can communicate with hundreds of meters, and can support also third party PQ meters.

  • Complete on-line and historical data
  • Power quality evaluation acc. EN50160
  • Supervision, Energy, Reports
  • On-premise solution or cloud service

Main Features

Automatic reading of real-time and historical data
 Communication using device specific protocols and formats.

Storage of all historical data into SQL database
All historical data, protocols, supervision records etc. Are stored in the SQL database. Data is not encrypted, and it is also available to other users with sufficient user rights.

On-line data
Actually measured quantities are displayed in the table, graph, as V/f profile, vector spectra or on the map.
User is able to view last disturbance or transient including waveform for each measurement system.
 It is possible to display values for each phase, and total values also.

Historical data
Archived data are displayed in the graphs, as historical FFT (Spectral display), EN50160 evaluation, energy (hourly/daily), events list, events statistics, reports list.

Geographical visualization
ENA-SCADA provides basic information about actually measured voltage and frequency in the geographical view. User can view all substations/areas where analyzer(s) are installed. Each substation/area shows actual state based on actual voltage level (under/over voltage etc.). Supervision map indicates possible device fault condition.

User is able to easily export every viewed panel to PDF protocol including basic measurement information. Automatic reports are also available to be configured for events (disturbances and transients).

System is able to send notifications automatically and to add a report (if available) under certain circumstances. Sending may be triggered by the event on a device (Voltage Event, Transient record detected) or by the supervision event.

 The powerful supervisory management monitors each device status and its fault state. Supervision overview distinguishes between two states: OK and Failed. Available function for monitoring are: ping, sw running, data storing, data in the database.

Providing data to other systems
System ENA-SCADA can communicate with other systems, and also can provide its own data to any third party systems – web-service, SQL, MODBUS/TCP.

Additional Features

EN50160 Evaluation

The EN50160 Evaluation contains a table with statistical evaluation of all required measurements according to EN50160 standard for selected time period (months or weeks).

Hierarchical tree view of all meters (substation, area etc.)
User can search for a specific device either by expanding the tree structure to the desired level, or simply find device using the Device Search Box.

Virtual Energy Meter
Virtual energy meter is a special type of instrument in an application that consists only of a list of positive and negative real meters.
Its historical data (energy) can be viewed in the same way as from real devices, the server automatically calculates the sum of positive and negative components.
 Usage – if the input and all outputs of the local network are monitored, the total balance (losses) can be displayed.

Events (PQ, Waveforms)
Automatically generated events list captured by meter itself or captured by Master Station (custom events): Alarm, Voltage harmonic alarm, Voltage alarm, Transient, Disturbance, EN50160 event, Custom event. It is possible to show last transient for each system. Displayed are two 200ms waveforms. It is able to show last disturbance for each system. Displayed are 60 seconds of half-period voltage and frequency waveforms including 5 seconds pre-trigger. Auto-print the newest disturbance.

Events (Supervision)
 SCADA uses „ping“ command and awaits echo reply to determine whether the analyzer is accessible or not. System also checks, if software on the ENA analyzer is running, if data storing is enabled, if data from analyzer was copied to the database (including „database full“ detection).

Vizualization – Actual Values
Graphs – Last 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour
Last Waveform/Disturbance
Vector Diagram & Harmonic Analysis
 Supervision – Quick Overview

Vizualization – Historical Data
FFT Analysis
Energy Profile
EN50160 Evaluation
Events (PQ, Waveforms)
 Events (Supervision)

Vizualization – Configuration