Finding an affordable, precise, reliable and easy-to-use power analyzer is no easy task. The solution is the PU[REC], the entry-level power analyzer tailored to your exact needs. > Raw data recording up to 200 kS/s > Internal 1 TB SSD (continous recording up to 7 days @ 50 kS/s) > 16 channels > User-friendly, Windows operating system > Mixed-signal approach (temperature, pressure, humidity etc.) > 15.6“ multi-touch full-HD display > Portable with carrying handle (weight 7.3 kg) Price includes 10% GST!

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Key Features:

  • Simple recording and storing of data
  • Effortless data review also while still recording
  • Powerfull On-line and off-line analysis (FFT, Statistics, Math….)
  • Various trigger conditions and powerful trigger act
  • Time-based and event-based file-split options
  • 16 analogue channels, Digital I/Os and Counter input 
    • 8 channels 0-600V RMS ( 1000Vpp) input, Banana input
    • 8 channels +- 10V inputs for current clamp connectivity or other analogue signals
  • Sampling rates up to 200 ks/s/ch
  • 1TB of SSD internal storage
  • 15.6“ multi-touch display
  • Oxygen Software installed - license allows multiple installations in the office
  • Installed POWER-BASIC software  
  • Installed POWER ADVANCED software  
  • Multi unit synchronization
  • Report generation
  • 8 pcs of MSI2-V-600 Smart Interface included for 600V RMS input connectivity