DEWETRON DEWE2-A4L Industrial 8 ch System (expandable to 16 channels) 4 ch Voltage Input up to 1000Vrms PRICE INCLUDES 10% GST!!! 4 ch current clamps input or optional 0-20A direct current inputs 2MS/s/ch Measurement category: CATIV 600V / CATIII 1000V Oxygen Software with: - Basic Power Measurement Option - Advanced Power Measurement Option PRICE INCLUDES 10% GST!!!

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Portable data acquisition system, 4 slots for TRIONTM series modules
15.6" Full-HD touch-display, 1 TB SSD for data storage and 256 GB SSD for operating system both in a single removable drive bay 6x USB, 2x LAN, 1x DVI, Lemo socket for EPAD, TRION-SYNC-BUS


115 / 230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply Including OXYGEN data acquisition and analysis software
Not compatible with TRION3TM (Express) series modules


TRIONTM module with 4 mm isolated banana sockets and 4 slots for TRION-SUB-x modules (for up to 8 inputs in total) for low voltage current-clamp interfaces or direct-current inputs (not included)


Occupies 2 slots, for DEWE2/DEWE3 chassis High dynamic range up to 1000 Vrms
2 MS/s per channel, 18-bit resolution Bandwidth DC to 5 MHz, anti-aliasing filter Measurement category: CATIV 600 V / CATIII 1000 V


Including software option OXY-OPT-POWER- BASIC


SUB-module with 1 D-SUB-9 socket for low voltage input up to 5 Vrms (not isolated) for TRION-18xx-POWER-4, TRION-1810-HV-8 and TRION3-1810-SUB-8


Bandwidth DC to 5 MHz TEDS support


OXYGEN option for advanced electrical power measurement and analysis
Besides the basic power parameters also harmonics, flicker and flicker emissions are measured and analyzed; incl. matrix for efficiency map creation