Your PU[REC] and its 16 expandable channels allow you to record your data reliably and gaplessly – exactly like you need – with various features (trigger, export, visualization, analysis, reports, etc.). This is a 200ks/s/ch version to make it ideal solution for vibration, stress measurement combined with other analog and digital signals. The unit is in perfect condition, no scratches and comes with 1 year warranty! PRICE INCLUDES 10% GST!

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Key Features:
· Simple recording and storing of data

· Effortless data review also while still recording

· Powerfull On-line and off-line analysis (FFT, Statistics, Math….)

· Various trigger conditions and powerful trigger act

· Time-based and event-based file-split options

· 16 analogue channels, Digital I/Os and Counter input

· Sampling rates up to 200 ks/s/ch

· 1TB of SSD internal storage

· 15.6“ multi-touch display

· Oxygen Software installed - license allows multiple installations in the office

· CAN bus expansion included

· Multi unit synchronization

· Report generation