Your PU[REC] and its 16 expandable channels allow you to record your data reliably and gaplessly – exactly like you need – with various features (trigger, export, visualization, analysis, reports, etc.). This is a 200ks/s/ch version of the unit and inludes several additions to make it ideal solution for vibration, stress measurement combined with other analog and digital signals. The unit is in perfect condition, no scratches and comes with 1 year warranty! PRICE INCLUDES 10% GST!

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Key Features:
· Simple recording and storing of data

· Effortless data review also while still recording

· Powerfull On-line and off-line analysis (FFT, Statistics, Math….)

· Various trigger conditions and powerful trigger act

· Time-based and event-based file-split options

· 16 analogue channels, Digital I/Os and Counter input

· Sampling rates up to 200 ks/s/ch

· 1TB of SSD internal storage

· 15.6“ multi-touch display

· Oxygen Software installed - license allows multiple installations in the office

· CAN bus expansion included

· Multi unit synchronization

· Report generation

· Included 3 MSI2-STG interfaces for direct connectivity of Strain gauges (120 or 350Ohms in Full, Half or Quarter Bridge)

·      Included 8* MSI-BR-ACC interfaces for direct connectivity of accelerometers  or microphones