The design of complex measurement systems & inherent challenges

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This webinar is suited for engineers, consultants, technicians and engineering managers, who are interested in learning about state of the art sensor measurement technologies for maintenance, validation and acceptance testing. It is prepared in collaboration with DEWETRON, an Austrian manufacturer of precision, highly intuitive end-to-end Test and Measurement Systems designed to deliver needs-based data acquisition capability to the Energy, Automotive, Transportation and Aerospace industries.

  • Date: 6/08/2020 15:00
  • Location: Online Event
  • More Info: Online Webinar


Thu, Aug 6, 2020 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM AEST


Data acquisition engineers know that some applications have particularly challenging requirements. To successfully overcome certain obstacles, distributed measurement devices, a large number of channels and a plurality of various sensors might be required. However, that is not all. Many other aspects (e.g. sampling rate, bandwidth, storage rate, synchronisation, etc.) have to be considered when designing an appropriate measurement system. In our webinar, our experts explain how they approach the design of complex measurement systems. Furthermore, they will discuss the parameters you have to pay special attention to. Don’t miss it! 

Date: Thursday, August 6th Time: 15:00 AEST 
Duration: 40min 
Language: English 
Speaker: Sayuj Nath & Matej Krajnc 
SCI-MEAS is looking forward to meeting you! 

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